The Overpopulation Myth

Let’s assume for a minute that we have made sufficient case to suggest that not only is the whole CV19 narrative a fraud, but that such a fraud is so obviously a fraud, that it would be absurd to suggest there was no agenda behind it – and many people have written about that agenda, not to mention all the leaks by whistleblowers – so in this article I want to address what I think is the most likely of several motivations for that agenda, being the myth of overpopulation of the planet.

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If I were Prime Minister ( or Emperor )

I have been asked many times by many people to go into politics, which is a thought I find absolutely repulsive, and besides which, I consider our legal, political, and economic systems to be so hopelessly flawed / corrupted or broken, that I think a life in politics would be absolutely frustrating, and would likely not result in anything I intended. But for the sake of argument, if I were to do it, and if I could actually have unilateral power to do as I pleased without having to appease vested interests or get agreement from others, this article deals with what I would do.

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Truth, Knowledge, and Understanding

It has been my goal for many years to remove all beliefs from my mind. What I mean by this is that if I do not truly know and understand something, to the degree that I can argue a strong case for it, and use that understanding to predict natural phenomenon, or do something else of a practical nature, then how can I really claim to know it. The purpose of this article is to explain the case for this philosophical position, and in hope that you might take it up as well for yourself.

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The Legal Fraud

This article follows on from The Covid-19 & Contagion Fraud, in the respect that the way the legal system is supposed to work is being completely trampled, and this has actually been the case for a very long time. This article takes a logical and systems approach to analysing how the legal system is supposed to work, congruent with elements of its history, but likely contradicting the narrative of how the law is so often taught.

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