As a child, like most others I would guess, I was extremely curious about everything, and I was fortunate to have the chance to grow up in an environment where, at least to some degree, I could pursue that curiosity. I was however, also like most others, indoctrinated into a culture which did not always tell the truth, and a great many things I was told, turned out not to be true. Some of these lies made me quite angry, as the years I spent believing those lies, robbed me of years I could have spent living in reality.

As a teenager, the questions I asked got deeper, and at one point, I remember hearing someone I care about deeply, say that she believed angels or aliens were protecting human kind from catastrophic mistakes. I did not believe what she said, and the first question that came to mind was this:

“If we are being guided, then why don’t they just send us the answers?”

… or something to that effect.

But of course, where’s the learning if the answers are just given to you …

I still do not believe that anyone is looking out for us “up there”, nor do I believe there’s even an “up there”, but nor do I believe that there isn’t, I simply hold no belief either way.

I never got an answer to that question, though many possibilities have crossed my mind, but the next question that followed was the important one, and that was as follows:

“What would it take to form a completely ecologically and socially friendly and sustainable civilisation, which at no scale, from the individual through to an interplanetary society, would ever break?”

… and it was this question that sent me on a journey, which has to this day been going for 30 years.

This website is about the answers to that and other related questions.